Chilifest 2012 Donations

Total to be Awarded at Chilifest 2012 Check Presentation / Sponsor Recognition Luncheon: $147,500
Additional Donations to be Awarded through 2012: $30,000

 Total for 2012: $177,500

Chilifest 2012 was a HUGE SUCCESS! With success come sizable contributions to many local organizations and charities, which have totaled OVER TWO MILLION DOLLARS since its inception. Chilifest will be celebrating 22 years in 2013 and the date has been set for next year for Friday and Saturday, April 5th and 6th.

The purpose of Chilifest Incorporated is to offer assistance to thousands of ill, neglected, and less fortunate individuals; as well as provide funding for many organizations who put forth the effort to resolve the life-threatening problems that endanger the lives of so many.

This year Chilifest Inc. will contribute $177,500 back to local organizations and charities of the Brazos Valley and surrounding areas. Chilifest Inc. is taking a greater effort to support alcohol awareness organizations such as CARE and have partnered with Kristen Distributing and Miller to donate $10,000 to CARE and $10,000 to alcohol awareness organizations on an annual basis. Chilifest Inc. is also expanding the amount of charities they give to so each one gets a little less but more people receive funds.

Chilifest 2012 saw a slight decrease in Chilifest Teams, however the overall attendance was record breaking with over 55,000 people attending in a two-day window. Chilifest Teams play a big role in the bottom line of revenue, so they are looking at ways to increase Chilifest Teams next year to ensure additional contributions for 2013.

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